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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Love knows no distances and is timeless.

2:00 AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Ecclesiastes 5:20 (NKJV) For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.

It's been a long long time since I blogged, yet the walk with God seems like it just started yesterday. Recently life has been a roller coaster going through torrents of emotional upheavel, especially at work. But God is faithful & He showed me the verse. I begin to snapped out of the cycle of feeling unhappy and helpless towards people and uncontrollable situation. Moreover God showed me that family members are the most important people in our life to love and treasure. (Like a book I read) We gotta RESPECT THE BAD DAYS and stop whining. Another translation of Eccl 5:20 (CEV) says
God will keep you so happy that you won't have time to worry about each day
It's time to wipe away those tears and sulking attitude but to get alive and to life the purpose of God... God purposed that we should be busy with the joy He has for us. That is why we can love God to the extent that we don't even know why. My brother just fall out of love. May the love of God touched and beautify his world when he gets to know Jesus.
In Jesus Name, Amen.
Beloved Friends...
The pre-requisite of loving yourself & breaking free from self-condemnation is to believe that God has made you beautiful.
Life is ugly without God.
The most beautiful people are those with God living in them.
God smiles & says, "You are beautiful" because He wants you to know that
you make a difference to lives.

1:28 AM

Saturday, January 20, 2007

God listens with His heart.

12:13 PM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Evyette, Evyette, Wake up.

2:33 AM

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dear God,
it feels kind of sad when things have to end this way. But God I believe that, You have Your plans. Probably, it did not end. But it is the start of a new beginning. Help me to trust in You Lord, everyday & even in times when it goes beyond my understanding. Holy Spirit conquer me with Your great love and may you be too.

In Jesus Name,

12:09 AM

Monday, October 30, 2006

Dear Lord, come and touch my heart tonight.
Bring me back to the first love.
Bring me back to happy days where
Your presence welcome me each morning and
Your love brings me through the day.
You strengthen me till night comes.
My heart rejoices that You always see me through,
Promise me You will never forsake me
You give me the grace to abide in You
as You abide in me all the days of my life.

1:21 AM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

After You
Place your heart inside my soul...
Your love is so great that nothing could contain.
Yet You chose to place your heart in my troubled soul.
I love You with my all, my heart, my soul.
Yet there's a part whom I can't let go.
A heart that's ever true one that's after you...

11:14 PM

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Slow Down
Sometimes we just have to make an effort to slow down, to feel God's footsteps walking beside us.

12:37 AM

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Vows
24 Sept 2006:
This day Lord I renew my vow to You that I will always treasure Your presence, all the days of my life.

4:18 PM

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The greatest distraction is not in the distraction but being distracted away from God.

12:46 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

To Wait!
God always saves His best for those who are willing to wait.
Our flesh is impatient. But God is patient. Love is patient. That is why true love waits. Our capacity to love as imperfect human beings is imperfect. We are all in the making to be better gifts to our future spouses. However, all good gifts comes with challenges depending if you're ready to handle it or not. If you are willing to wait, you will experience tremendous joy. Haven't adults warn children that green apples are sour and ripe apples are sweet.
The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." (Proverbs 10:22)
I read somewhere that, it is in heaven that we will experience the greatest blessing God has to give us - being in His presence for all eternity.
''Dear Lord, I thank you for the grace to wait for Your best.
I pray that as I am in the waiting, make me the only one who is worthy to walk with him (my future spouse who probably is also in the waiting) as covenant partners; to help each other to receive the greatest blessing in life ---- an unbroken communion with you in the realm of eternity. In Jesus name, Amen.''

11:02 AM

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I spent half of my life time looking for you...
Yet a life time is not too long to be your best friend...

1:41 AM

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dear Friends, the Bible says in Romons 8:38-39 "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

The following is a stanza of poem which really touches me. It had been found penciled on the wall of a patient’s room in an insane asylum, the general opinion was that this inmate had written the epic in moments of sanity.

Could we with ink the ocean fill
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above
Would drain the ocean dry
Nor could the scroll contain the whole
Though stretched from sky to sky

Dear Lord as I examine my heart. It could not be an ocean so vast and so wide. Yet You choose to pour what that could not be contain in an ocean into me. Come and stretch me on the inside, let me have a big heart to contain more of Your love today and forevermore. In moments of insanity, allow me to be lost in Your love, in the midst of confusion let me be free in my soul. In times where life is running dry, refill me and wash over me with Your oceans of love. In Jesus name. Amen.

11:55 AM

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maybe it is not suppose to meant to be.

11:31 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lost without your love
Tonight what best describes my feeling is the particular song by the group 'BREAD':
Lost and all alone. I always thought that I could make it on my own. Since you left I hardly make it through the day. My tears get in the way. And I need you back to stay. I wander through the night. And search the world to find the words to make it right. All I want is just the way it used to be. With you here close to me. I've got to make you see. That I'm lost without your love. Life without you isn't worth the trouble of. I'm as helpless as a ship without a wheel. A touch without a feel I can't believe it's real...And someday soon I'll wake. And find my heart won't have to break. Yes I'm lost without your love. Life without you isn't worth the trouble of. All I want is just the way it used to be. I need you here with me. Oh darlin' can't you see...If we had love before. We can have it back once more.

Eversince I started working, God begun a preparation work to stretch me in my emotional capacity. Compared to those days in Bible school, I felt I've stop asking myself what I can do to love God more and more. I literally felt that I may have backsliden. I always have this conviction that backsliding doesn't start when you stop going to church. It starts when you do not love God today more than you love Him yesterday. I was crying during the last praise song in service. I ask God for His forgiveness; I question myself if I have distant away from God, the Father who loves us while we were still sinners. Suddenly, straight after I told God that I am sorry, the figure of Jesus stepped in and stand in the gap. His presence bridge-d the distant.

I learnt that the only way to love God more and more each day is through Jesus.

11:16 PM

Friday, July 28, 2006

Giving Up
Phil 3:9 (NLV) "I want to be as one with Him..."
Even unto death Jesus did not give up on us. God who is perfect did not give up on the imperfect. Therefore we shouldn't give up on ourselves or our brethen in any situations.
In fact during the times when it seems that we tried almost everything and that nothing seems to work, that is when your breakthrough is the NEAREST! The number of things that you have yet tried, narrowed down and soon you realise you had found the answer...
That is only if you never give up!
Phil 3: 12 (NKJV) "Not that I have already attained, or am already perfect; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."

12:55 AM

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Song of Solomon 5 : 2
I sleep but my heart waketh...
And you?

3:32 AM

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Habbakuk 2:2-3

The LORDs Second Reply
Then the LORD said to me, "Write my answer in large, clear letters on a tablet, so that a runner can read it and tell everyone else. But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.

In my life, the most important decisions that I seek God, the answer I got was to wait. But God has never failed me though many times the anxiety of waiting makes me feel uncomfortable. God has lay aside the best for you and me.
It will happen.

12:45 PM

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today, God told me that He loves me, and I don't have to feel unloved.

12:10 AM

Monday, June 26, 2006

Who Indeed
A little beat
A little skip
Who's the one?
A mystery indeed.
And as I pray
Who do I meet?
Can't help it
As I sink in deep.

11:59 PM

Why is there a skull and a cross?

11:50 PM

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Somebody said this:
Defensiveness is always an indication that something about your point of view is not quite on point.

5:28 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006

How do I love You more?

11:45 PM

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You & you
My mind is filled with You & you & you & some others
You & you & you & you & some others
You & you & you
You & you
Finally its only You who I desire the most

11:35 PM

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Pure Heart (A)
A pure heart is one that is filled with the God kind of love.
Mt 5: 8 (NIV)
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
1 Jn 4:12 (NIV)
No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.
A Pure Heart (Part B)
Osmosis of God's love
A pure heart is a God-size vaccum overflowing with God's love.
Nothing can overflow unless something is being poured out.
In the days of drought, Elijah poured water on the altar on Mount Carmel. Mary poured expensive oil onto Jesus feet and wipe His feet with her hair. Mircales happened whenever ordinary people starts the action of extravagent pouring. The Bible says that Jesus poured His Soul unto the cross. By that we received an overflowing abundance of zoe life. The Bible says that love has been poured out by the Holy Spirits into our hearts. I remember a Pastor said something like this, do not be a Christian who trickle or drizzle drops of offering to God; but pour out what you have to offer for God. I believe the key to have the presence of God and His love to overflow into your life is really to start pouring out your life and your love to others.
Osmosis is the process whereby God's love will move from a higher concentration to a region lower concentartion across a permeable membrane of loving others first...

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